The Sun Herald – October 2004
The Sun Herald – November 2004
The West Australian - February 2005

Spa Nirvana
Woman's WeeklyUp in one of Prana's twenty four massage rooms, a spa therapist gently poured a stream of warm oil over me as her two colleagues massaged my arms, shoulders, neck, back and legs in unison, one on each side.  Next a scrub was added to the oil and the massage repeated before the startingly hot towels were draped over me one by one from tip to toe and removed in the same sequence.  Then the whole process began again ... and again ... and again ... I lost count after about six cycles!

The massage is for deep tissue cleansing and a hightened state of awareness and the steaming towels to cleanse and detoxify.  Did it work?  I don't know, although I certainly felt much better afterwards and it's the easiest medicine I've ever had to take.

"Walking back to my own walled villa with swimming pool, my body tingled with energy in places I didn't even know I had."