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Bali High – Palace of Serenity
The Sunday Telegraph“Nobody’s built like this since the 16th century.” Says Prana Spa creator Jim Elliott as he stands outside his Indian version of the Moulin Rouge in the middle of Bali.  It’s a bold claim from the Sydney-born artist.  Yet wandering through the extraordinary red and gold spa complex that rises Phoenix-like from the backstreets of Bali’s upmarket district of Seminyak, it’s apparent that Elliott has created something out of the ordinary: the newly opened Prana Spa is being hailed the most impressive in Bali. 

It not only looks but feels like an Indian palace.  The outside is painted a deep red, adorned with gold-painted battlements, turrets and carved elephant heads.  Inside are lavish furnishings and carpets, mosaics and carvings.  Many of the fixtures were imported from Rajasthan by Elliott and New Zealand sculptor Stephen Hall who was enlisted to lend his talents.

"Inspired by lavish Indian palaces, an Australian artist has created an exotic haven of serenity."