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Spa Evolution at Prana Spa and Villas
Prana Spa and Villas is an intriquing blend of outrageous interior and design, a celebration of cultural diversity and a comprehensive range of global treatments.  Described as an Indian version of the Moulin Rouge, Prana is no zen or minamilist design spa but rather, a place to be in for a complete sensory spa experience.  The spa menu offers the largest Ayurvedic range of treatments in Bali.  There's also yoga, aqua, aerobics, fitball, trekking and cycling sessions to partake in.  Spa facilities include 3 hot and cold plunge pools, 4 wet rooms, reflexology and Ayurveda rooms beauty treatment areas as well as herbal infused steam rooms.

Spa AsiaLifestyle retreats are created to suit each individual's natural rhythm and needs.  At Prana expect to find that your retreat entails a luxury villas with a host of wellness spa treatments, nutritious foods and a yoga teacher on call and perhaps even a helicopter flight to a nearby remote island!

"It's spectacularly evolutionary and totally revolutionary - the world's finest 16th century spa opens in Bali."