The Sun Herald – October 2004
The Sun Herald – November 2004
The West Australian - February 2005

Bali’s Super Spa
Rich in Indian design, Prana is a departurAustralian Airlinese from the usual Asian Zen-style spa in both appearance and philosophy.  The exterior is a brazen burnt orange, with gold elephant heads and minarets glinting against the blue Bali skies.

Arched corridors of turquoise, gold and ruby red lead to mosaic-tiled steam rooms and dimly lit treatment rooms. Here a world of ancient Hindu healing and relaxation awaits.  Heady, aromatic oils scent the air.  Wooden stairs lead to a courtyard where hot and cold plunge pools are surrounded by soaring walls open to the skies.

"The back lanes of Bali are always full of surprises. Hidden away in Seminyak, Prana Spa and Villas make a decadent destination."