The Sun Herald – October 2004
The Sun Herald – November 2004
The West Australian - February 2005

This Could be Heaven

Bali, always rich in culture, nature, sunshine and tropical indulgence now has a new buzz word to complement her many attractions.  The word is Spa, and in recent Air Paradiseyears these timeless, natural havens of serenity, dedicated to pampering the body, restoring inner harmony and awakening the spirit, have blossomed like lotus flowers.  More and more people are discovering that far from being a mere luxury; opportunities to enjoy a soothing yet regenerating experience are becoming progressively essential in our busy lives today. Prana Spa, Asia’s first Mogul-inspired spa complex is reminiscent of a 16th century Indian palace, with turrets and towers, lookout posts and ornate hand-painted columns.  A sweeping staircase leads up to a labyrinth of corridors, which open into a myriad of single and double massage rooms, together with separate areas for reflexology, facials and manicures.  Dreamy bathrooms in bold shades of aquamarine incorporate steamrooms, saunas and rainbaths.  The staff have been professionally trained in a wide range of therapies including Ayurvedic rebalancing and Shirodara, hydrotherapy, anti-aging facials and reflexology.  Spa retreats, with accommodation in luxurious villas are the specialty of Prana.

"In a hidden quadrangle dominated by a splendid minaret with a golden dome, guests are invited to bathe in hot and cold plunge pools tiled with lapis blue mosaic."